greatness of man depends truly upon his efforts not on success or failure-Shashi Thakur


    God has created this beautiful world with his creations of marvelous vegetation, plants, flowers and human beings. Among all these his formation of human beings is above all, whom he gifted intelligence, super energy, remarkable memory.
    “Nothing in this world is worth having or worth doing unless it means efforts, pain & difficulty”.
    —-Theodore Roosevelt
    Sometimes it is disgusting to see persons not utilizing these values in proper way and waste these gifts of God by depending upon others without noticing internal qualities bestowed by nature. No doubt we all expect a positive life with a satisfaction in the available means but it depends upon our hands and vision on how we think and see the running life, because human nature can’t be justified with words only but with the work that is best judged by others without exchanging of any favour. When we feel the need and satisfaction of doing something ourselves that time only the essence of self dependence blossoms. Our goal should not be good death, but a good life to the very end. Every human being is not born with a helpful nature. But it’s our upbringing and family life which induces in us the nature of self help and hardwork. The greatness of man depends truly upon his efforts not on success or failure. He becomes the leader of men and is looked for trust, capacity and wisdom. All great men have been very industrious & maker of their own destiny with the motion of self help. We can never accuse fate, condemn chance and blame the stars in the acknowledgement of our defeat. Because man is the master of his own fate. The need is to be self dependent, avoid taking others help for our own small tasks because it leads to inactivity, lacks confidence and eventually develop a sense of helplessness and disgust. Our own importance makes us miserable.


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