Effect Of Environment On child’s Development- Shashi Thakur


    Every human being is not born with a civilized nature, its our
    upbringing and social life which induces in us the nature of civilization, helping & serving all.
    Before creating this marvelous universe, God must have planned to
    give it proper shape and size. This planning only helped him to make the world capable to move according to his wish, It’s nature only which helps aperson to begin his growth from infantry to adolescence then Adolescence to Adulthood & finally old age. These stages play their vital role in development. The journey of man’s personality starts from the very birth time when child opens his eyes. He feels secure when surrounded or protected by someone around him. Innocent in all activities & behaviours changes his modes according to the present atmosphere, speech, rules, conduct & morals of the family. A child can never be blamed for anything since it’s we only who’re responsible to mould him in any way & give shape according to our moral values, teachings and code of conduct of behaviour.
    Child’s personality follows his family, friends, partners and institution & is judged from the stages of infancy and adolescence. Along with passing away the time & age, his behaviour matures into permanent habits unable to change.

    The need for elder ones is to check minutely without ignoring his
    mistakes & faults. So that while reaching upto adulthood stage & they may not be part of his behaviour. Our role should be to prepare a child to become good citizen well behaved social human being to survive in his present atmosphere with society. Other wise after reaching upto the adulthood stage, we don’t know how many times such person will be responsible to hurt others mentally as well as physically. Each stage of life carries the responsibilities to uplift their growth. Children are not things to be moulded but people to be unfolded. Our responsibilities are other name of hard work
    & it’s not easy job. Because it’s duty of parents to teach the children that Life is tough, and the sooner they learn how to cope with it the better for them. The essence of good deeds blossom when we teach our kids the need and satisfaction of doing something helpful for the society.



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