Do we spend positive time with our baby?- Shashi Thakur



       Common man is overwhelmed by Almighty’s blessings like born baby, daily luxuries like car, good home and loving family members. Along with all these we feel more blessed to carry small baby in our arms. That gives a delightful blend of laughter, caring deeds, wonderful love. Always think about child day and night to brighten every day to fill our heart in everyway.

    Here’re a few questions for parents to analyse them with Yes or No after careful reading.

    1. Do we spend positive time with our baby?
    2. Are we getting irritated if child is sad or angry?
    3. Do we shout on child’s crying?
    4. Child is wearing comfortable dress?
    5. Do some one surround child all the times?

    Since our child is a blessing. A gift from heaven above. It’s our duty to tickle him by spending positive time, with love, support to grow and learn.


    Shashi Thakur


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