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10 YO City kid conducting Storytelling webinar

10 YO City kid conducting Storytelling webinar

Hoshiarpur, jangatha Times: (Simran)

Once upon a time — these are four magical words that are surely filled with promise, leading into a world of fantasy and lore.

Storytelling is not just for children but now storytelling webinar is conducted by 10 YO Akshit Manhotra from Hoshiarpur, Punjab.

This is a first ever webinar by a kid and for kids and yes it is fun workshop which is conducted very seriously and with full responsibility by one of the youngest book reviewer Akshit Manhotra,he even runs his very popular pick-a-book channel on YouTube.

He loves reading fiction and story books and reviews them too but if there is one thing that he loves the most,it is sharing a wonderful story.

This little kid’s efforts were even appreciated by Asia’s number one kids newspaper kids Age and he now successfully runs weekend storytelling webinars where not just Akshit but many amazing kids join him and share their stories.

To share your own story you may email him at [email protected]

This is a very small effort by lil Akshit to encourage young kids to rise in love with books and stories and we look forward to your support to spread the word about the magic of storytelling.

We request you to please read and share stories and give less time to digital gadget .
A small request to all the Lecturers/Teachers and parents to encourage kids to listen and share more stories.
As children have an innate love of stories and let them weave more love and magic with these stories.

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  1. Gaurav

    Wonderful initiative at thid young age.. kudos to everyone involved

  2. G Kaushal

    Excellent endeavour and Kudos to everyone involved

  3. Anu

    Magic and power of storytelling indeed!

  4. Gaurav K

    Kudos to the excellent endeavour and everyone involved


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