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“Woman: The Creator or Censured”-Susheel Thakur

“Woman: The Creator or Censured”-Susheel Thakur

The whole world revolves around the creation of God which helps humanity to work out with good results by its perpetual efforts, hard work, and dedication. Before creating the universe the creator divided the duties of all creatures. He preferred the woman the most while its formation with the tenacity of blessing it all the gifts like tenderness, generosity, kind-hearted, helpful, responsible, intelligence, etc. Beyond all these qualities He blessed her with ‘Motherhood’. It’s the mother only due to whom the whole universe exists. A woman is the second face of a mother, daughter, sister in law, daughter in law, housekeeper, caretaker with love and passion.


But a woman as a mother is unlucky to look after her child for not giving the present society rule and regulation knowledge, So many reasons like lack of time, awareness, under pressure of joint families’ atmosphere, working due to financial problems, etc are responsible for a mother to up-bring her child not according to her dreams. Working parents have to leave their children alone at home, or under caretaker supervision. As a result, children feel cut off from parent’s guidance and slowly-slowly merge with the outside company after going to school, where children attract him with their types of habits & activities. By spending maximum time with them he becomes & behaves like them and ultimately seems like them. It depends upon his luck for having that type of company.


Gradually passing through the stages of his life cycle, his behavior is counted for its family. But actually the matter to think is who is mainly responsible for his all actions. A mother or his surroundings: finally surroundings overrule motherhood. So the mother remains a creator rather than a maker. The need is to check the child’s circle as well as the company as compared to his family so that motherhood may not be censured in the last.


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