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Monsoon season is the time to celebrate the nature with all types of greeneries and freshness of mind. Have the monsoon showers got you reaching out for that cup of garam chai and a steaming plate of pakodas? Halt right there ! .You must be very cautious about your food during the raining season as the wrong food can give rise to variety of diseases.

These diseases are quite likely to develop during the rainy season as this is the particular season when the digestive system of individuals remain really weak.It is important to arm ourselves against these ailments to make the most of the lovely weather.  Experts suggest consuming light food during this season to avoid diseases.
  • You must consume the vegetables that are less water filled. It may seem counter intuitive because all our lives we have been instructed about the importance of eating leafy vegetables. However, in the monsoon, they are best avoided. … Say no to vegetables like spinach, cabbage and cauliflower this season. Instead, go for pungent vegetables like bitter gourd, ghiya, tori or tinda.
  • It is good to consume plenty of butter milk during rainy season
  • Taking milk that includes pepper powder and turmeric will help making you strong from inside. It will fight developing water borne diseases in human being from inside
  • Do avoid consuming greens and green grams during night
  • It will be favorable to consume spicy as well as bitter items in diet
  • It will be advised not to consume too much or milk as well as the product made of milk
  • Avoiding the food items which include too much of sweets will be important.
  • Monsoon is the breeding season for fish and prawns so they are best avoided this time of the year. Stick to chicken and mutton to satiate your craving for non-vegetarian food.
  • Fried food is one of the food items you should absolutely avoid this rainy season and science backs me up on this too. The highly humid monsoon weather causes our digestion process to slow down. However irresistible that spread of pakodas, samosas and kachodi may seem, they could cause gastronomical complications like bloating and stomach upset.
  • Fizzy drinks reduce minerals in our body, which in turn leads to reduction of enzyme activity. This is highly undesirable with an already weak digestive system. Keep a bottle of water or nimbu paani handy or stick to warm beverages like ginger tea. Your digestive system will thank you for it.
  • Don’t let the rains make you lazy. Keep up that exercise regime and sweat out that extra moisture and potentially harmful bacteria.
  • Personal hygiene is paramount in this season. There is no chance you wouldn’t have stepped in a grimy puddle in the course of the day. Washing with just water is not enough. Use an anti-bacterial solution or soap to clean out all those germs.
  • Ginger tea – The fiery nature of ginger verves up your mood and at the same time boosts your metabolism. Grate some fresh ginger into a mug of warm water and squeeze in a lemon. Mix 1 tsp of honey. Your daily dose of immune boosting supplement is ready!
  • Not much is talked about the immunity boosting potential of pears. However, it is really amazing to know that this crispy fruit is a treasure trove of assorted vitamins and minerals, all which actually shield you from diseases commonly floating around during the monsoon. Along with being a good source of fiber, the crunchy off white fruit contains a good quantity of copper, vitamin C, and vitamin B12. Pear is a natural antipyretic agent as it helps in cooling the body and thereby easing the fever. So, just make sure you drink a glass of freshly squeezed pear juice or munch on some fresh fruit to get relief from fever.
  • The saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away is perfectly applicable in this scenario. Munch an apple everyday as a part of your balanced, healthy diet.
  • Opt for dry foods such as corn and chickpea instead of water-rich foods such as rice and watermelons.
  • Drink warm water infused with honey, ginger, and black pepper to pep up immunity.
Eat healthy and clean. Include the rainy season foods and enjoy a healthy, marvelous monsoon!

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