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The Power of MOOC- Anu manhotra

The Power of MOOC- Anu manhotra

As I sit an sip my coffee, I feel so rejuvenated and as an eager beaver I feel this is the right time for me to add little more knowledge in my Intellectual kettle.So what do I do shall I go back to school or visit some tutorials well a big “NO”.
Rather in just a few clicks I can get connected to thousands of eager beavers just like me and the best part is that they will be also adding the same piece of information but in so many creative ways as per their own learning styles and you may not believe but this can all happen for free all we need to do is to invest some time .
Well, I am talking about “MOOC” Massive Open Online Learning courses. A platform for learning, sharing and growing ,it is not a platform where the knowledge is assimilated as per the subject ,it is in fact a shared learning process, where innumerable courses and subjects are designed from where a learner like you and me can pick up their area of interest or what I suggest to most of the student is to choose those subjects where they need more practical inputs and knowledge,so If you are an engineering student and you feel you need to work on communication skills you can get enrolled in that course as per your requirement and not just that you get to watch videos and get connected to great team on intellects who has designed the courses for you, they are indeed distinguished professors from well known universities
world over.
These programs are not just helpful to the students but also any professional like me can join to enhance their knowledge.

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