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women As Equal Humans- Anu Manhotra

women As Equal Humans- Anu Manhotra
 As a woman writer and speaker I’ve had many sleepless nights and Iam sure every woman in the world still faces many unimaginable challenges.
Shocking cases confirms that despite so much talk hardly any positive change is seen. The world is still not secure for women and girls and even small girl child is in danger. So the question is why women everywhere constantly is seen as not “Human” but as woman. The first change we need to bring in is how we are raising our young children be it a girl or a boy.
It should be wired in their minds that they are Human.
Let’s us not talk about men and women or Boys Vs girls at all. I hated and I still hate when at schools,colleges or even for that matter at family gatherings we have Boys Vs girls games.STOP let us have a world where all humans are equal.
As these communities with humans in frontline will not give any chance to hateful ideology. So lets raise our youngsterters as Humans. No ladies first,no Girl child let us completely begin with new hopes without any discrimination.

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